Three Reasons To Phase Out Nuclear Power

One: There is no safe way to dispose of spent nuclear fuel. This material can remain dangerous for hundreds of thousands of years and no one wants radioactive materials stored in their area. Because of this, most if not all nuclear power plants in the world store their spent fuel in pools on site. All it takes is a crack in the pool wall and an interruption of electrical power to pumps to cause a meltdown in these spent fuel pools.

Two: There is no way to construct a fission reactor which is certain to remain undamaged during an unexpected natural disaster. The recent problems in Japan make this obvious.

Three: No man-made structure can remain intact if a deliberate effort is made to destroy it during a time of war. It must be understood that any nation facing annihilation in war is likely to do anything possible to cause damage to the enemy, and the destruction of nuclear power plants would become a strategic priority. Entire countries could become uninhabitable for decades.

Any one of these three facts alone is sufficient reason to prohibit the construction of new fission reactors and phase out those which already exist. The billions of dollars spent to construct a new reactor would be far better spent developing renewable energy sources.

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