The Dreamers Platform for 2012
(as of April, 2012)

The following is a list of actions and policies The Dreamers wish to see implemented by the United States government ASAP. This is our message to politicians outlining precisely what we are asking them to do. Make it clear to those running for office that you will be voting for those candidates which support the Dreamers Platform for 2012, and you will vote against anyone who comes out against these policy changes. (Don't forget to vote for Ima Dreamer [a fictional character] as a write-in candidate for Vice-President of the United States.)

No individual or organization can promote policies which absolutely everyone can agree upon, but you do not have to agree with all of these items to support this platform if you believe things would be better if all of them happened to be implemented. If you personally do not support any of these items then by all means do nothing to support that particular policy, and express your opposition to other Dreamers. If enough of us agree with you we can change the list below accordingly.

Please note that I haven't covered all the ideas mentioned below in the proceeding text because I wanted to get the main ideas out as soon as I could. Later versions of this book will go into more detail. The platform begins with the proposed Constitutional Amendments which follow.


The Informed Democracy Amendment

"A system of Informed (direct) Democracy shall exist whereby any government official or policy can be removed, or new officials and policies can be established, through continuous, monthly tabulated voting by the people."

The Personal Freedoms Protection Amendment

"Behavior expressed in the pursuit of happiness, which does not force others to participate against their will, is an inalienable right of the people."

The Exchange Tax Amendment

"An Exchange Tax shall be the only tax, paid by the receiver in every transaction, at the same rate for every person who is the parent of two or less children, and every business entity, with no exceptions. The rate will rise by fifty percent for parents for each additional child born one year after the establishment of this amendment."

The Government Bank Amendment

"Government will not borrow money, but will create and destroy money as needed via a government bank which shall be the only source of currency."

The Government Services Amendment

"Government shall maintain a monopoly, or compete with private enterprise, in all areas of basic human necessity, including, but not limited to; health care, education, housing, transportation, energy, communication, technology, food, water and natural resources. Health care and education shall be available free, and the commons shall not be privatized."

The Public Media Amendment

"Government shall maintain public access media outlets for the purpose of enabling the people to express political ideas and conduct election campaigns. Free speech shall only be limited in that no one may publicly promote harming innocent people. No entity is to own more than one television station, radio station or printed newspaper. All paid political and pharmaceutical advertising in public media is prohibited."

Other Elements of The Dreamers Platform for 2012

      1) Confirm that business entities are not persons.
      2) Drug testing is to be limited to proving current intoxication.
      3) Eliminate the electoral college.
      4) Cut the military budget by at least 50%.
      5) Dismantle all nuclear weapons.
      6) Immediate withdrawal of all combat personnel from Afghanistan.
      7) Abolish the Federal Reserve and fractional lending.
      8) All homes in foreclosure should have all mortgage payments, penalties and interest suspended for two years, and owners allowed to return to unsold homes.
      9) The maximum interest rate on any loan must not exceed 10% APR.
      10) Phase in guaranteed employment and phase out welfare and unemployment.
      11) Reduce the work week to 35 hours.
      12) All interest and penalties should be dropped from student loans until free education is established, then these loans should be negated. All student loans currently in default should be negated.
      13) Stocks must be held for 90 days before being sold.
      14) Short selling must be prohibited.
      15) Commodity buyers must take physical possession of the commodities they buy before reselling them.
      16) Convert to the metric system of measurement like the rest of the world.

Ask candidates and your representatives to support
The Dreamers Political Platform.

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