Nuclear Weapon MADness

Nuclear weapons keep us safe, right? No one is going to drop nuclear bombs on us if we can nuke them back. That's the whole idea behind Mutually Assured Destruction, or MAD.

But that isn't going to work forever. Ask any physicist and they will tell you that unless something is impossible, it WILL eventually happen. As long as nuclear weapons exist it is inevitable that they will be used. But how can we get rid of them if we need them to insure MADness?

Imagine this scenario. Somehow, for some reason, or purely by accident, we end up dropping a nuclear bomb on some other country. They have no choice but to drop dozens or hundreds of nuclear bombs on us. That means that you and everyone you care about are dead, or injured and facing slow death from radiation poisoning � all because of a decision made by someone you've never met. Or say that someone bombed us first, so we have to launch a bunch of warheads and murder millions of innocent people like you and your family in some other country.

That's the whole point. Wars are caused by a handful of people in power, but nuclear weapons kill innocent civilians. If we use nuclear weapons, even in self defense, we murder millions of innocent people who had no more to do with the decision than you did. That's not war, it's murder. Even if we win the war we would only do so by murdering millions of innocent people. That is something "the good guys" simply can not do.

Take a good look at your kids and other loved ones. Even if we are attacked with nuclear weapons we can not retaliate without murdering unimaginable numbers of innocent children and other people who are loved and cherished in the same way. Could you murder every child in the city where you live for any reason whatsoever?

That is what launching a nuclear weapon would do. Now that you understand the reality, it should be

obvious that we can never justify using a nuclear weapon against another country for any reason, even if some other country attacks us with nuclear weapons first. We simply can not murder so many innocent people because of the actions of their leaders. It makes far more sense to simply assassinate such leaders.

That's why this country should dismantle all it's nuclear weapons - because we can never justify using them against other people, for any reason. We must do this immediately, unilaterally, in order to make the point to the rest of humanity that we are not, and never will be, mass murderers. If the rest of the world feels the same way, we win. If not, at least WE will not be the ones to destroy humanity.

Once we establish a single world government the threat of nuclear war will cease to exist.

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