Redefining Left, Right and Center

The right forces people to avoid recreational drugs, forces us to keep our clothes on in public, forces censorship of nudity in the media, forces people to pay "sin taxes" on alcohol and cigarettes and otherwise forces everyone to follow the dictates of right-wing religious morality. The key word here is force.

But where are the people doing the opposite of the right? Where are the politicians and organizations forcing people to do the opposite of what the right forces people to do? The true left would force people to take psychedelic drugs in order to gain spiritual awareness. The left would force people to go around naked so they will take better care of their bodies, force children to view sex on TV to avoid developing sexual hang-ups, etc. By controlling government and the media, the right has seen to it that the true left has no voice, but if there is a right, there must be a left.

All those people presently considered to be on the left don't want to force people to do anything, but to make up their own minds about how to live. They believe people should have personal freedom of choice. What is considered left now is actually center.

I know some really great, decent people who hold rightwing views. There is no doubt they mean well, and offending them is the last thing I would ever want to do. I understand their desire for predictability, security and avoidance of change. But those on the right, who call themselves "conservatives," might want to take a moment to ask themselves if "repressors" might be a more accurate term. It was those on the right who supported slavery and segregation. Many are still opposed to legalizing freedom of choice in a number of different areas. But those with conservative views should not fear change, because once the world changes it will become even more stable and secure than it is now.

When it comes down to it, there is no left, or right for that matter. There are only those who support fairness and freedom, and those opposed to these principles. Since the terms left, right and center are likely to continue to exist, the Dreamers would consider themselves center, perhaps after clarifying that almost no one is actually on the left.

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