Proposed Constitutional Amendments

These proposed amendments are part of The Dreamers Platform for 2012 as presented in the book Changing the World: Policy Suggestions for the Ninety-Nine Percent by Koda.

The Informed Democracy Amendment

"A system of Informed (direct) Democracy shall exist whereby any government official or policy can be removed, or new officials and policies can be established, through continuous, monthly tabulated voting by the people."

The Personal Freedoms Protection Amendment

"Behavior expressed in the pursuit of happiness, which does not force others to participate against their will, is an inalienable right of the people."

The Exchange Tax Amendment

"An Exchange Tax shall be the only tax, paid by the receiver in every transaction, at the same rate for every person who is the parent of two or less children, and every business entity, with no exceptions. The rate will rise by fifty percent for parents for each additional child born one year after the establishment of this amendment."

The Government Bank Amendment

"Government will not borrow money, but will create and destroy money as needed via a government bank which shall be the only source of currency."

The Government Services Amendment

"Government shall maintain a monopoly, or compete with private enterprise, in all areas of basic human necessity, including, but not limited to; health care, education, housing, transportation, energy, communication, technology, food, water and natural resources. Health care and education shall be available free, and the commons shall not be privatized."

The Public Media Amendment

"Government shall maintain public access media outlets for the purpose of enabling the people to express political ideas and conduct election campaigns. Free speech shall only be limited in that no one may publicly promote harming innocent people. No entity is to own more than one television station, radio station or printed newspaper. All paid political and pharmaceutical advertising in public media is prohibited."

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